Oz Adi
Animation Director | Character Animator











Finally an update after 1 year of nothingness :)
A few new charatcer animation works, and a few bread and butter stuff... Softimage Scripts is under construction,
New DemoReel !

I am a FreeLance now, open for taking on projects,
Please feel free to contact me.

Links now open in YouTube (You can still download them)







Added Alternative Flash streams for the Videos. (Requires flash 8) Also added two Corrona Beer Ads.

Site Might look SHITY on FIREFOX, I still need to learn how to embed a font to work with Firefox.








A little update, Sharks Commercial, plus I've added a new Bread&Butter work Section, under Animation.

I am rebuilding my site, so things might not work fully sometimes

. All Tutorials have been removed, due to the fact they are so old and wrong ;)